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The Affair is back for one show on December 12! Yep I'm still the writer. It's still on at Wellington's super-prestigious St James Theatre. It's still super cool, interactive theatre good times.

Check out this amazing 2-minute video - it's a trailer, with heaps of footage from last time!

Heaps more info at the main site.

Thanks Steve Leon for the video! Steve is a gent.
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Dunno if I've posted this on LJ or just on otherblog - but anyway, there's this poetry/prose collection called "Urban Driftwood" that is 25% my stuff. It was put together by my buddy Dan (who is behind another 25% of the stuff) and collects a bunch of our work as 'emerging voices' circa ten years ago. Some of my stuff I think is still damn good, some of my stuff I don't much like any more but what the hey. And the 75% that's not mine holds up pretty damn well I think! It's a cool thing Dan's assembled here.

You can buy it hardcopy on Lulu or FREE DOWNLOAD! via Dan's website.

The other day local speculative fiction author and all-around good gent Tim Jones gave us a review that is most generous, and says some nice things about the collection, which is very cool indeed. Go read his review.

Yeah, it's neat actually.

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