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RPG company Adamant Entertainment, who have a couple pieces of my writing available at their store, have announced a completely crazy $1 sale!

Stuff for 4E, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, the OGL, and Mutants & Masterminds. Worth a look.
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My work for the Mutants & Masterminds supers RPG is on super-special this week for GMs day!

Pop on over to the Adamant Entertainment webstore and purchase a .pdf download by me for only $1 (US).

Unearthly: Cosmic Heroes
Amazing Triple Action #3
Amazing Triple Action #2
Amazing Triple Action #1

Or, buy a .pdf download by someone else! There heaps of good stuff to be found there, including stuff for 4E and the Thrilling Tales line of pulp stuff.

Groovy :-)
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Another Mutants & Masterminds book from Adamant Entertainment:

It's a book of villains. It has my name on it for a small contribution, a two-page introduction about matching villains to heroes; the 20 characters are by GMS and Walt C. And they're a good bunch too, full of ingenious ideas and evocative backstories, just crying out to be chucked into play. (I love the Octofather, a cross between an octopus and the Godfather. That is my kinda bad guy.)

Available in PDF for just US$8! And in print via Lulu for US$14.95

That's some good stuff, right there.
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I filled in five minutes last night by uploading some RPG bits and pieces to my Apocalypse site.

Apart from all the usual nonsense, there's new D&D 3.5 rules for Energy Drain, an old-skool D&D module monster/treasure placement scheme, and even a Doctor Who RPG adventure Loud And Live which I wrote over 15 years ago for Doctorcon 1992 using the then-new Time Lord system.

Some folk may be interested. If you're one such, have at it!
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Today Adamant released Unearthly: Cosmic Heroes, for Mutants & Masterminds. Available in .pdf and print.

This is the first of my post-ATA books, and it's neat to have it out. Although now that I've looked over it I want to rewrite the whole thing and make it better. Oh well...

Soaring through space, wielding the power of an exploding sun, staring down an armada of battleships, wrestling with the ageless expressions of gravity and time - these are the exploits of Cosmic Heroes. They operate on a level beyond most supers, facing mighty challenges that match their own immense reserves of power. Unearthly: Cosmic Heroes provides you with the tools you need to supercharge your M&M game into the cosmic realm.

Full guidelines for creating cosmic characters, with advice on powers and feats;

Advice for constructing exciting adventures and campaigns on a cosmic scale;

Guidance on dealing with the really big numbers that define cosmic games, including new rules extensions to deal with common cosmic situations;

Insight into the deep mysteries of the universe, and how to use them in your cosmic adventures;

Detailed advice for using X-traits and plot device characters in your game;

Sample Cosmic NPCs, including The Red Giant (an alien scientist), the VeVirus (a sentient meme) and the trash-talking Evil Planet!

Oh, yeah, Evil Planet. I loves me some Evil Planet.
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As some among you will already know, my Mutants & Masterminds RPG zine, Amazing Triple Action, has been discontinued - sales just weren't up to scratch.

But fear not! This is not the end - far from it. ATA is gone but a new line of products with a new approach are coming soon. Hell, I'm excited about them. They'll follow up on the ATA stuff in some ways, and be all-new in others.

That said, I am down about the failure of ATA to garner enough sales. It was an idea I loved, but it just didn't pan out. Chalk it up as a lesson learned, because the new line's gonna knock off some socks.

Official Adamant announcement is here, for the curious.
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Back in Jan 2001, I was the team leader for the first of what has become a tradition at Wellington's Kapcon RPG convention: a large Saturday night Live-Action Role Playing Game with pre-written characters. (There had been a World of Darkness thing the previous year which was a prototype for the form.)

Called 'Breakout Day', the LARP was about a bunch of workers at a crappy all-night Call Centre who were forced to attend a 'breakout day' to build their corporate loyalty. However, there was more to this than was initially obvious... The LARP's secret subtitle was 'Call Centre of Cthulhu'.

And now, for the first time ever, you can download the game files and see for yourself. Over at the Kapcon Archive site, on the page for Kapcon X, you can check out one of the wildest games I've ever had a hand in creating.

If nothing else, check it out for the character names. I love the names of all these characters. I think that's the thing of which I'm most proud.

And, for the record, I have in my files a copy of an email that clearly proves that the geese were Not My Fault. ([ profile] grandexperiment I'm looking at you...)

Thanks [ profile] mundens for hosting these.
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The third issue of Amazing Triple Action, my Mutants & Masterminds supers RPG .pdf mag, has been released from Adamant Entertainment.

The theme of this one is, loosely, 'social relevance' - bringing Issues Of The Day into your superhero shenanigans. It also has what may be my favourite bad guys in the whole series, Feast and Famine.

The real sell on this one, though, is the system included for Development Scenes. This is a way to bring in some Forgey-style player authority into traditional supers games in a way that shores up a common weakness in trad supers games, doesn't tread on trad GM toes, and dovetails neatly with one of M&M's core systems. I'm really proud of it and it worked well in playtest for the [ profile] gogetters, and folk interested in hybrid approaches may wish to check it out.

Click on the image above to get to the sale site. $5.95 US.
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The second issue of Amazing Triple Action, my Mutants & Masterminds supers RPG .pdf mag, has been released from Adamant Entertainment.

This one's a horror-in-supers-games issue, and features some creepy characters, advice about running scary games for supers, an adventure, and some other bits and pieces. I think it's pretty cool. All for the low low price of $5.95 US...

Nice to have a second issue out, now it feels like a series not a one-off. :-)
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I'm excited to announce the launch of [ profile] gametime - A New Zealand Outpost Of RPG Thought.

Three of New Zealand's least silent RPGers have teamed up to launch [ profile] gametime:

It will feature all three of us talking about...

RPG theory, game design, actual play experiences, random anecdotes and insights, things we don't get, things we regret, and anything else that seems to fit.

We hope to expand to allow more voices from the NZ scene to come together under the common [ profile] gametime banner, too.

(Note! This isn't [ profile] gametime_nz, which was and is my personal game-focused LJ. This is a group blog. [ profile] gametime_nz still exists for now, but will probably eventually be superseded by [ profile] gametime. I think [ profile] gametime was what I wanted to do all along.)

This has been a long time in gestation - and now the cat's out of the bag. Go see!
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From RPGNow:

Category Best Sellers
1. Mutants & Masterminds Street-Level Archetypes 2
2. Ultimate Power
3. Sons of the Gun (M&M Superlink)
4. Autumn Arbor Campaign Setting
5. Mutants & Masterminds Street-Level Archetypes
6. 100 Kingdoms
7. Castle Zagyg Player's Maps
8. True20 Bestiary
9. First Edition Fantasy: Into the Mite Lair
10. Amazing Triple Action #1

I have no idea what this means, actually. But it can't be bad :-)

And over on the Mutants & Masterminds boards, a user named Mancerbear gives the first opinion on the book:

"You know, this isn't too bad a little product.

Lots of useful ideas, the archetypes are interesting, and the advice is solid. The art is a biy patchy, with a few good pieces and a few average pieces. I would have preferred all colour pieces or all line art, but that's just a personal preference.

Good work overall."


That link again.
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Yays! The first issue of my new monthly supplement for M&M Superlink (the tie-in license for Green Ronin's excellent supers RPG Mutants & Masterminds) has been released!

From [ profile] adamantenter:

Adamant Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of our new monthly M&M Superlink e-zine, Amazing Triple Action Every issue will include a grab-bag of stuff that you can plug straight into your M&M supers game, as well as plenty of advice and inspiration.

Click on the cover to go to the product page:

That dude on the cover is the Jaguar, who was a character created by the estimable Bradley Rose for a Golden Heroes game I ran waaaay back in 1989 or so. About half of the characters I'm featuring in the series are re-imaginings of old favourites from various supers games in the past. Megaroleplaying types will spot a few familiar names, too, not least Skimmer, who's also featured in the first issue...

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Mongoose Publishing has released a new issue of their house mag Signs & Portents for August. This time they call me a 'horror maestro'. Heh.

The free download has another Fear File entry for OGL Horror, this time my unimaginatively titled 'Cat Demons', which is about some demons who are sort of like cats, y'know.

You can get more info and download it here.


The Cat Demons first appeared in an early episode of Slayers East, with a couple of cameos in later episodes. It's nice to see stuff derived from that wonderful game out in the world.
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Another five-star review, in fact.

I kinda feel like I'm spamming all your f-lists with these little braggy posts, but I really am rather chuffed that it's been so well received. Chuffed, I say!
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I have a chunky article in the newest Signs & Portents Roleplayer (issue 34):

All About Charm Person
Morgan Davie emerges briefly from the untold horrors of his Fear Files to take a look at one of the simplest but often overlooked spells in a wizard’s spell book - the humble charm person trick...

It's D&D-applicable, which makes it automatically one thousand times more useful to actual human beings. Such is the hobby.
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"...probably the best product of its type that I've seen..."


In the negatives:
" of the adversaries seems to have a bit of a cross-dressing fixation. This sounds worse on paper than it actually comes across in game, but its still a bit...weird for my tastes."

Hee! I love that bad guy. He's intended to be very memorable and very creepy, and I think I hit some pretty good buttons towards achieving that goal.

Full review.
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Yeah, it has a goofy name. It's a thing.

My first sole-credit RPG publiation is now out on RPGnow, ENWorld Gamestore, and Drivethru RPG.

I am particularly stoked because RPGnow gave it a 5-star review. Yay for me.

It's a D20 adventure for fantasy gaming (i.e. for D&D), costing USD$4.95 for the downloadable pdf. I'm fairly happy with it, actually.

Dungeon Dive 7: Spawning Pits of the Tomb Bats details a foul laboratory where the vile Tomb Bats are created. These small creatures fly out into the world and animate dead in cemeteries and on battlefields. If your antagonist is a necromancer, or is working with necromantic magic and the undead, then this asset is an easy fit with your campaign.

The innovative Dungeon Dive series presents pre-populated adventure locations that are easily scalable for multiple levels. These locations include monsters, traps, hazards, and treasure with options for Low, Medium, and High level parties. They are designed to be easily dropped into any plot line and to be ready to run at an instant - all that the GM needs to provide is the primary antagonist.

This entry in the series is appropriate for adventuring parties of 3rd to 11th level.
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I have another OGL Horror article in the new Signs & Portents, released yesterday.

The Weirdinators
Morgan Davie presents another of his Fear Files. This month, meet a team of students keen to battle the reals of the rum and uncanny - but are they really prepared for what they might find?

It's available for free download here:

This was the very first thing I wrote for OGL Horror, waaaay back when it was brand new. It's one part embarrassing to two parts charming, and not horrific at all.
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I have another wee article-thingy in Mongoose Publishing's free-to-download gaming mag, Signs & Portents, in support of [ profile] mytholder's lovely OGL Horror.

(Actually, Gar, I just thought of something you should have asked Monte at Leprecon: "Why is my OGL Horror so much better than your Call of Cthulhu D20?" Then you could have rolled for initiative. That would have been cool.)

Anyway, here's the blurb and a link to the page:

The Fear Files: The Eel Witch
Another article detailing the weird inhabitants of Morgan ‘Morgue’ Davie’s imagination, this time detailing the malevolent eel witch. Your OGL Horror characters won’t feel safe to sleep after this dark entity begins to invade their dreams...

Get it here
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I just discovered (cheers Dave) that I've had another gaming article published in Mongoose's house mag Signs & Portents. S&P is now a free download, so you can all pop along here and pick it up:

It's about 4.5 megs, and only 2 pages of it is mine, but they call me a 'Master of the Macabre' which made me smile.


Yes, I am keeping a low profile in general right now. Shhhh.
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