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Posting here purely to point some eyeballs at a post on my blog blog. It might be of interest to some of the people that don't read that regularly.

It covers the climate change talks at Copenhagen, NZ Prime Minister John Key's lack of action, Greenpeace doing PR right for a change, with a cameo appearance by everyone's favourite giant monster, Reptilicus.

Check it out: Key Should Go

(Other recent bloggery has been on Dollhouse (no spoilers), local wrestling, and the remount of the interactive theatre event I wrote, Affair of the Diamond Necklace)
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The Affair is back for one show on December 12! Yep I'm still the writer. It's still on at Wellington's super-prestigious St James Theatre. It's still super cool, interactive theatre good times.

Check out this amazing 2-minute video - it's a trailer, with heaps of footage from last time!

Heaps more info at the main site.

Thanks Steve Leon for the video! Steve is a gent.
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Dunno if I've posted this on LJ or just on otherblog - but anyway, there's this poetry/prose collection called "Urban Driftwood" that is 25% my stuff. It was put together by my buddy Dan (who is behind another 25% of the stuff) and collects a bunch of our work as 'emerging voices' circa ten years ago. Some of my stuff I think is still damn good, some of my stuff I don't much like any more but what the hey. And the 75% that's not mine holds up pretty damn well I think! It's a cool thing Dan's assembled here.

You can buy it hardcopy on Lulu or FREE DOWNLOAD! via Dan's website.

The other day local speculative fiction author and all-around good gent Tim Jones gave us a review that is most generous, and says some nice things about the collection, which is very cool indeed. Go read his review.

Yeah, it's neat actually.
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Those who read my blog will have read about this already - but all you others might be interested in Death By Chocolate, a chocolate-themed interactive murder mystery show on in Wgtn at the moment. I went along and was very impressed (here's my account of the night) and then sorted out an interview with the creator, Vanessa B Baylen (read the interview here).

Go check 'em out. Local folks are encouraged to head along this coming weekend!
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My friend Suraya is trying to get a mag with erect penis pics published in the UK. Although the UK publishing industry is hardly shy about ladyparts, this seems to be a big problem. But if she sells enough Filament issues, they can go to a pricier printer who will do the deed.

So, if you are interested in hot boys, feminist issues, nicely produced magazines, or erections, go check here:
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In a little while it will be 12:34:56 7/8/09

This pleases me, in a small but definite way.

EDIT: day then month is the proper way to write it, nevermind what the USians tell you...
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I haven't posted about this over here yet. As mentioned over on my main blog, I'm writer and wearer-of-assorted-other-hats for The Affair of the Diamond Necklace: An evening with Marie Antoinette. It's an interactive theatre event that's a little bit traditional performance, a little bit murder mystery evening, a little bit improv, and a little bit LARP. It's gonna be sweet. Here's the post I just made about it over on t'other blog:

The Marie Antoinette interactive theatre event is now fully live on the St James website. Very exciting! It will shortly be appearing in the next St James season brochure that is mailed out to many thousands of people.

Rehearsals are about to begin, and I'll be giving some direction about how I want the interactivity to work in this evening. Our performers are incredible and enthusiastic and will be up for every challenge. I also need to do a bit of re-writing in response to the first cast read-through we had; I was very pleased that the script came out looking very good at the end of that, with several people specifically complimenting me on it. Believe it or not but I think working on the 48 and collaborating with an artist on a comic have both helped a great deal, forcing me to get better at cramming more content into fewer words and trusting in the performance/artwork to do a lot of communicating.

Ticket sales are open to the public - a key St James staffer was sick for a couple of weeks when they should have been hitting up corporate clients, so they've just thrown the doors open instead. If you're interested, details at the webpage. (Yeah, it's on the spendy side but it's not that ridiculous for dinner, drinks and a show combined.) If we sell out I might even make some pocket money...
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Oh, yah, I didn't ever post this to LJ! Now is the chance. Here is our entry in this year's 48 hour filmmaking comp; we went from start to this in 48 hours. I was a writer.

Dedication from Lee Dowsett on Vimeo.

(It is also on youtube)
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[x-post from my blog]

The online gallery of photos from our wedding is open for business...

You can find it at Paddy's site, here. The password is: Old Museum Building

We'll be getting electronic copies of these in a size suitable for small prints and can circulate those in due course, but if you want a nice print of any of these images, get in touch with me or with Paddy directly...

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This is the most incredible story I have read in years:

A Taiwanese man faces a possible jail sentence for stabbing a friend after he bought a porn DVD which he discovered showed his wife having sex with the man.
The man, identified only by his surname Lee, watched the film in 2002.
The DVD, Affairs With Others' Wives, allegedly showed his wife and friend being secretly recorded as they had sex in a motel room, news agency DPA reported.

Can you believe it? It was an accurately titled porn DVD! "Affairs With Others' Wives" did indeed show an actual affair with someone else's wife!

Now I've seen everything!

[no, not everything, shush. although this comes even closer]
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The closest thing I'm having to a birthday gathering is going to see my dear friend Ed's film on its first night.

Its at 7pm at the Film Archive. Come along if you're in Wellington. Dress as a snail and get in free...

Also: dinner at Logan Brown last night. I have never spent that much money on food in my life. My considered opinion: it was yum as.
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hey everyone,
it's my birthday! (hurray!)

as I do every year, i encourage people to give me a birthday present in the form of a quote dropped into comments on my blog.

It can be lyrics, a passage from a novel, something your uncle said one time, graffiti on the bus, whatever... the diversity of stuff always makes me very happy :-)

So if you are moved to help me celebrate turning 33 (!), or you just want to see what cool stuff other people have shared so far, click on through:
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I'd like some advice about a work project.  I know there are many wise and teched-up folks on this friendslist; if anyone has anything to suggest I'd be keen to hear it.

I'm leading a project to completely revise the website of the research centre I manage (current site: ).

The vision we've developed seems, to me, entirely doable in the current state of play on the web, but I haven't ever encountered anything quite like it. I'm wondering if I'm missing something!

The short version is this:
  • The Centre has a bunch of researchers and students attached to it who are all working on their different stuff. Much of this stuff is of interest to researchers outside the Centre. 
  • It also has relationships with a bunch of external agencies (government and NGOs) who like to know what's going on.
  • At the moment communication isn't working well among all these points.

What we're keen on:
  • Something that feels like Facebook for Centre users - they update their own profiles, create event pages when they organise a public talk or a seminar, create project pages for the pieces of work they're pursuing, etc.
  • Much of this is collaborative, so users can attach themselves to events and projects they are involved in.
  • Everything is database-driven and updates dynamically.
  • All activity across the site feeds out to Centre users so they can see what's going on.
However, this isn't a working environment - this is a communications environment. The main audience that all this content is set for is external govt and NGOs and researchers.

So for outside users,  it doesn't look like Facebook, it looks like a content-rich website with clean navigation. On the homepage you can see upcoming events, and recently updated projects; you can look at all the staff profiles and search through themes to find related projects (either ongoing or archival). Etc.

I've checked out Ning, SAKAI, various Wiki approaches, and the institution's current CMS and none of them can do this. I begin to suspect we're going to have to find a developer with some chops to build a custom tool.

So tell me, LJ friendslist: is this a sensible kinda vision? is it way harder than it seems? is it, in fact, way easier than it seems?

I await your wise counsel...

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is over on my main blog. For those who care, and who don't read there.

Now I need to go to work. Got in from the midnight session five hours ago. Five hours of sleep = just enough I hope.

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My work for the Mutants & Masterminds supers RPG is on super-special this week for GMs day!

Pop on over to the Adamant Entertainment webstore and purchase a .pdf download by me for only $1 (US).

Unearthly: Cosmic Heroes
Amazing Triple Action #3
Amazing Triple Action #2
Amazing Triple Action #1

Or, buy a .pdf download by someone else! There heaps of good stuff to be found there, including stuff for 4E and the Thrilling Tales line of pulp stuff.

Groovy :-)
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the latest reason to abandon all brain integrity: Star Wars horror novels.

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I wrote a more detailed bit on my main blog, but I have to say something over here as well - thanks very much to all of you who gave your congratulations on a very successful wedding.

Here's the two-minute highlight reel:
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The series of Onion pieces in which horrible, horrible things happen to GWB (see here) has reached its logical conclusion.

I am staggered by the sheer vitriol and audacity on display.


Jan. 25th, 2009 11:42 am
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(x-posted from From The Morgue)

Cal and I tied the knot yesterday! (This photo is from Jenni on Facebook - thank you!)

Shortly we go to my parents for the post-bash BBQ (2pm until fallover o'clock). I hope everyone remembers that it's on and they're all invited... or we'll have lots and lots of sausages left over...
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If you are in Wellington, and if you like The Wire, stop queueing to borrow it. Get yourself along to Borders Lambton Quay where you can get seasons 2, 3 and 4 for the princely sum of $9.99 each (down from $59.99 each).

You read that right. Borders goes a bit wacky with their pricing sometimes and no doubt this is a system error of some sort, but there was a whole display with 9.99 Wire seasons. They'll probably fix it in a day or two, like they did when I bought Under The Mountain for $7 (down from $30) but it is entirely legit while it lasts.

I bought 'em.
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