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Received an email:

Why Not <> wrote:


I posted a comment on your site, that I am hoping to have removed.

[comment reproduced inside the email in its entirety]

Is there any way that you can take my comment down for me? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

[name from comment]"

I don't get it. Is it some kinda weird email harvesting thing?
The comment chosen is by a businessperson defending their business - but there's nothing particularly objectionable about it, the business has rebranded completely since then, and there are other comments to the same post from the same person.

If it's a email harvesting thing - whuh? Why does it really look like a cut-and-paste of the comment, including date stamp and "permalink" link? Doesn't look like bot-harvested content. And what are the odds of it selecting randomly a comment that relates to a business, that a businessman might conceivably want deleted? (Answer: about 1/3000)

If it's legitimate - why using an email titled "why not" and a gmail address of a Tanzanian safari destination? What the hey?

I'm kinda curious to reply in case it's legit, and to ask why they want the post taken down. (Which I'm not gonna do by the way.)

I've already queried the original email address used, but it bounces.

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